Social Media Marketing

Unlike with a website, anything on social media can more easily be talked about, reacted to, commented on, and shared. It’s easy to create an account, but it isn’t as easy to be a valuable brand that has a faithful community that believes not just in your products & services but also in your cause. We provide social media marketing services that make your brand values the center of your campaign because audiences gravitate to brands they can relate to, not to business that only stiffly sells.

Concept Brief

Your Social Media Marketing package will include and start off with the concept brief: the essence of your whole campaign. It’s molded through integrating your brand values with viable social media post formats with a target audience, social listening, core message, unique value proposition, and campaign objectives in mind.

Content Framework

In line with executing the concept brief, we will recommend the most relevant content framework (Hygiene, Hero, Hub according to YouTube) that best fits your campaign objects.

Content Plan

Monthly, the content to be posted for the whole month will be sent to you prior to publication via the content plan. Here, you’ll be able to find the photos, video, GIFs, link shares, and more that will be posted or shared for the next month.

Account Management

After the content plan has been approved, we proceed to managing the account which includes scheduling posts, constantly listening to what the rest of social media are into, and of course, touching base with our audience.

Paid Ads

Paid ads is a way to stay on your audience’s news feed and build a bigger community on social media apart from organic campaigning.


For every month after the campaign has run, you will receive a premium monthly report detailing how the campaign has performed complete with post efficacy comparisons, data analyses, and more.