Social Media: It’s more than just “like,” “tweet,” “favorite,” and “share”

| Social Media Marketing

To a regular Juan dela Cruz, social media is a simple tool for interconnectivity.  But for a business owner, it is the next big thing.

Social media technology encompasses content communities such as YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  It can be fun or fierce, beneficial or destructive, and most notably it’s free!

Basically, social media works for business owners the same way it works for fun-loving individuals out there.  The only difference is that the later has bigger at stake.

Untapped opportunity for small businesses

It is expected that small-scale entrepreneurs are not keen – as of the moment – in having their website done professionally.  Good thing, social media is a very good alternative to reach a certain market.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.  Simple as that.  However, asking for help from creative relatives or neighbors to design you a logo so as to present a good image of the business will go a long way.

What makes Facebook or Twitter a “likeable” medium is its capacity to connect with the people in real time.  And because it’s free, devoting some time to update your status, upload a picture, or tweet your latest accomplishment would pay off.

By 2013, number of Internet users is predicted to reach one third of the global population.  In a study conducted by global media research firm Nielsen Southeast Asia, Filipinos spend 21.5 hours online per week.  Philippines ranked second in being active in Facebook, and first in both YouTube and Twitter.

How to cultivate and harvest fruits of social media

Conduct a study on common activities of targeted market.  Oftentimes, Facebook and Twitter are their go-to sites.

Once accounts on various social media sites are set up, actively participate by posting announcements and uploading photos or videos.  Customize your Facebook page in a way that it provides the viewing public a right concoction of information and entertainment they both need and want.

Understand the behavior of your target market, when they are commonly looking for such products or services, how much they are willing to shell out, and even the language they are speaking!

It is also worth mentioning that continuous research on possible avenue for showcasing your business is a must.

Social media websites are the new marketing ammunition of business owners.  Learn how to make the visiting of your page a worthwhile experience for the users and see yourself thanking Mark Zuckerburg and the rest of his team for creating another online world.