Social Media and its effects to different aspects of life (Part 2)

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In our last post, we defined social media and its effects to marketing and politics. Now, let us explore the effects of social media in other aspects of life.

Responsible use of social media is also something that we should discuss. At the end of this article, we provided the 10 Commandments of Social Media, a product of our careful observation of the most common social media blunders committed by people from all walks of life.

Social Media and Public Service

Social Media has also played a crucial in disaster response. Public service through information dissemination in social media has become easier. Its capability to reach a larger group of people instantly is maximized during natural calamities such as flash flood and hurricane. Government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs), for instance, request for donations and distribute vital advisories during these times through their social media accounts. One expert even noted that people become naturally generous during these situations.

Social Media and Health

Researchers from Milken Institute, an independent economic think tank, identified the link between the improvement of technology and the global rise of obesity. One not-so-positive effect of the popularity of social media is the €œsubsequent increases in obesity rates€ due to insufficient body movements.

A trend called €œultrapersonalization is growing because of social media€™s capability to change how people eat the food that they want. Different websites that are dedicated to food and other savory recreations are proliferating, giving netizens a renewed appetite.

Social Media and Religion

Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger was able to bring the words of the Lord closer to the people through Twitter. The pope emeritus is very vocal to the role of social media calling it and other search engines the starting point of communication.

Social Media and Criminal Investigation

Another application of social media is exemplified during criminal investigation. Facebook status helped the authorities gather information about the shooting incident that happened in 2011 in one city in the Philippines. Then, a video of the actual shooting incident that was uploaded in video sharing site YouTube showed the lack of preparedness of the mall security. This event later on became a wake-up call to the other malls in the country that prompted them to beef up the security.

Social Media and Pinoy Empowerment

Almost every day, news relating to social media are published or broadcasted. Newspapers even setup a separate section of their online counterparts for social media. In TV news programs, Twitter accounts of news anchors are also promoted. It is also worth noticing that news spread through social media faster.

In social media, people are also given an equal field to showcase their talents to the whole world. Several Filipino artists such as Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda have become internationally-acclaimed through the help of YouTube.

Online voting is another trend that somehow helps in empowering the people. After achieving the title Texting Capital of the World, Philippines bagged the recognition as the Social Networking Capital of the World. No wonder, Filipinos top certain competitions especially if there is an online voting. Few examples are international beauty queens Gwendoline Ruais and Shamcey Supsup.

There have been a lot of gaffes that happened on cyberspace. Netizens often argue that there is freedom to use social media in whatever manner they would like to use it. It is true that such medium is free for use to anyone who has an access to Internet; however, freedom always entails responsibility. Here are 10 guidelines to responsible use of social media.

10 Commandments of Social Media

  1. Thou shall not envy the things you see on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media.
  2. Thou shall not post any malicious image or statement that has a high chance of being misinterpreted by your virtual friends.
  3. Thou shall observe the mechanics of your posts (i.e. excessive capitalization, punctuation, etc.).
  4. Thou shall review your album on a regular basis to see if there is something that might ruin your online reputation.
  5. Thou shall observe prudence in liking a status, image or video.
  6. Thou shall not create pseudo accounts aimed at tarnishing another person or organization.
  7. Thou shall practice skepticism in accepting friend request from people whom you don’t know.
  8. Thou shall think thrice before hitting the €œUnfriend€ button.
  9. Thou shall use your social media account to inform the public of any modus operandi or latest news that will make our lives safer and meaningful.
  10. Thou shall keep in mind personal branding and how your social media accounts help you achieve your career goals.