Single Page Website: Good or Bad for SEO?

| Search Engine Optimization

Single page website looks cool because of its packs more content into one page—great design, fonts, graphics and transitions. And many businesses are turning their website to a single page instead of traditional multi page websites these days.

Would making your website to a single page help the business to reach more customers, or gain a higher rank on search engine result pages? Well, there are many factors to determine if it can harm your business.

Mobile User Experience

First, a single page is easier to convert to mobile and turn responsive on different devices.

Also, it is no secret that most people are searching using their mobile devices. With the tendency of mobile users to keep scrolling, a single page website can take this as an advantage. Most of mobile users like to scroll than to click.

Other advantage of a single page website is its loading time. It is faster to load compared to the multiple pages which is good for users who have no patience to wait.


Links are one factor on how websites rank well which single page websites can leverage well. Off-page activities links will only point to one URL, meaning there is always a 1:1 ratio of links to website.

Keyword Targeting

For single page site, targeting multiple keywords will have its limits. Generally, single page websites are designed for single concepts which limits it to be visible on not very many keywords. However, there are still ways to make a single page site be optimized on multiple keywords: the website title and meta description must contain all keywords and there must be proper on-page optimization.

Unlike with multiple pages, it has ability to rank in different pages with different title and meta description if optimizing for multiple keywords.


One drawback of a single page is that all of its information must be present in the page, unlike in multiple pages, content can be specific, and even expounded upon on each page.

Since all content will be compressed in one page site, it may lack of relevancy or additional details for the user.


Single page sites have aesthetically good presentation but for SEO, it has limitations that make it not as good as multiple page website especially for long term optimization. But if the website has no interest for SEO like a website for movies, a concert tour, or celebrity, then a single page website will not be problematic.

When deciding between single page and multi-page website, consider the goal and audiences that will interact with the website whether it’s for selling purposes or as a portfolio. Talk to us if you need consultative advice on what’s best for your brand or business!