SEOpolitics: a new way of electioneering

| Search Engine Optimization

SEOpolitics [pronounced see-o-politics] is a term used to describe the role of search engine optimization in winning the votes of the people.  SEO is not new in the Philippines, but only few companies have maximized the potentials of this strategy.

During the election season flyers, tarpaulins, and other political accessories fill the streets.  Sadly, simple flyers do not appeal much to a wider audience.  If it does, it only does a short lived interest.  Afterwards, the paper goes to trash bins with the potential voter remembering only portions of the candidate’s name.  Worse, typographical booboos are the ones meriting his interest.

What was mentioned earlier illustrates the importance of having a costefficient and effective tool at hand.  SEOpolitics is the new way of electioneering.  With its flexible model, SEOpolitics has both local and national campaigns covered.

At iConcept SEO, we help you find answers to the following questions:

  • Where do my existing supporters stay online?
  • Where can I find potential additional supporters?
  • How do I approach different age groups?
  • How can I persuade these people to join my cause?
  • Which tools should I use and why?
  • How will I get remembered?
  • How should the people remember me?
  • How can I get at par with my stiffest competition?

Months before the election season, aspirants for government positions must have started brainstorming on their possible course of action.  Whether you are new in politics or trying to maintain your political value in the eyes of the people, you wouldn’t want to get left behind.

We recommend you having each or all of the following:

  • Online presence provided by a beautifully crafted website with superb functionality
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SEOpolitics (rank for political issues)

Get your platforms ready.  Then, let’s talk and plan everything to help you reach out to your voters.