SEO Services and Packages

What happens to a website after it gets published on the internet? Does it start getting clicks? Can people get to it easily even without prior knowledge of its website name? The short answer is that there’s a big chance that only you’re your website’s only visitor until you start making it searchable on search engines. That’s where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes in. Our SEO services only employ white-hat methods that slowly but safely and surely help your website gain better page views and visits from the targeted audience, and gain significant traction on search engine results pages with relevant targeted keywords.

Site Audit

Your website will be studied for front end user friendliness and back-end search engine appropriate coding. We will then give you recommendations for improvement for your website to help drive users to action, make them stay on the page longer, make Google index your website better, and so on!

Keyword Research

We look for the most relevant search strings that apply to you products, services, industry, and locale so that the your pages can be enriched with these search strings that we call keywords.

On Page Optimization

After auditing a website, we apply the necessary changes to the content, image text, layout, coding, and whatever is necessary to help it become more search engine and user friendly.

Link Building

Majority of the work that we do in SEO lies here—we create links outside of your website and use your keywords in relevant context as hyperlinks that point back to your website. This helps your pages be indexed as reliable by both users and search engine crawlers.

Article Writing

The create proper contextualization for your keyword and branding, articles are written and propagated on niche blogs. These articles talk about your core competencies and use your keywords as anchor text that point to your website to increase its referential value online. These are posted on already established blogs or newly created niche blogs.


For every month that the campaign will run, you also get to see how it perfomed through premium reports. These premium report features include data interpretation (of Google Analytics’ data), tally of outputs and accomplishments, analysis, recommendation, and more!