Why We Love SEO in the Philippines (And You Should, Too!)

| Search Engine Optimization

The internet is now the digital version of a marketplace, wherein websites on page one of search results are like physical stores in the most accessible and convenient place in the market. Being in this accessible place means people can easily see you, know you, buy from you and even refer you!

It is great to have a store open 24/7. But if your store is located on the farthest part of the street, even if you’re open 24/7, do you think customers will come? Would you go to the far end of a long street? This is very true with your website.

It is understood that having a website means you’re on the web 24 hours a day, 7 times a week, no opening and closing times. You’re always there when a customer or potential client knocks. But if it’s not visible nor can be found on Search Engines, then what’s the essence of having a website open 24/7?

What is SEO in the Philippines?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a marketing discipline that aims to improve website’s findability, searchability or visibility in the organic or non-paid search results of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Non-paid search results page is where the search engines list or rank websites that they find relevant to a given search query, free of charge, without webmasters paying them to do so. Does this say webmasters can pay Search Engines to rank them on search results? Yes, they can do this trough Pay-per-click campaigns but for a price. Why pay Search engines for your website visibility if you can do it for free trough SEO?

SEO in the Philippines will help websites be visible on top pages of Search Engine’s results page especially since more and more local brands, well established or independent, are going online to net the big online audience.

Why is SEO important in the Philippines?

Digital in 2017 Global Overview prepared by social media consultancy We Are Social and the social media management platform Hootsuite, reported that 58% of the total population of the Philippines (about a whopping 60 million) have access to the internet and, when going online, they tend to hang around for 8 hours and 59 minutes to be exact, every day on average—the highest usage average in the world.


There is also a study that reported an estimated 93% of all (global) online activities start with search. Digital in 2017: Southeast Asia reported that 32% of weekly online activities in the Philippines uses search engines.

What do we have here?

  1. 60 million Filipinos are internet users
  2. Filipinos spent 8 hours and 59 minutes on the internet every day (average)
  3. 93% of all online activity start with search
  4. 32% of weekly online activities use search engines

60 million Filipinos use the internet on the average of 8 hours and 59 minutes every day and 32% of their weekly online activities use search engines! WOW! This simply means your website has a lot of potential customers and clients.

Here’s another interesting data from last year, from Digital in 2017: Southeast Asia report:

  • 51% searched online for a product or service to buy
  • 50% visited an online retail store
  • 38% purchased a product or services online
  • 29% made an online purchase via laptop or desktop computer
  • 26% made an online purchase via mobile device

This is a proof that Filipinos are now more into online browsing and purchasing and that the trend is expected to only take root and grow bigger.

Our Take?

See, if your website was not optimized for Search engines, it might be buried deep on the search engine results page (SERPs) and because of that, these 60 million Filipino internet users, online for almost nine hours every day, performing 32% of their weekly online activities on search, interested to make an online purchase, may NOT EVEN KNOW that your website and brand exist.

Websites that are not optimized for search engines here in the Philippines are missing these huge opportunities but you aren’t going to be one of them, are you?

Which brings us back to the point we mentioned earlier, what’s the essence of having a website, open 24/7, but nowhere to be found on Search Engines?

What can SEO in the Philippines do for your website?

To put it straight forward, SEO in the Philippines will

  1. Help people find your website.
  2. Bring you customers (both old and new) looking for your products or services.
  3. Help your products and services get visibility on search engine results pages.
  4. Help your website reach its target audience (customers, clients, fans).
  5. Drive offline sales; they might not buy online but may visit your physical store or branch to make the purchase.

For the internet users (your potential customers), SEO in the Philippines will help them to…

  1. Easily find your products and services.
  2. Know there’s a website that can provide solutions to their needs –that’s you!

Is SEO in the Philippines Right for You?

The clear answer is Yes!

SEO is right for you whether you are a start-up company, one that is long-running, a blogger, an educator—as long as you have a website or a presence online, SEO is always right for you.

Want to be sure? Try answering these questions:

  • Do you have a website but not enough visitors? OR
  • Does your website might have enough visitors, but you want more?
  • Do you want to outrank your competition online? OR
  • Have you already outranked your competitor and you want to maintain the lead?
  • Do you want your target audience to find you easily? OR
  • You want your already existing audience to find you easier?
  • Do you want to increase your Revenue? OR
  • Your revenue increases over time and you want to continue this trend?

If your answer to one or more of any of these questions is “yes,” then SEO is absolutely right for you!

It is really good to have a website that’s accessible 24/7, but it is BETTER to have a website optimized for search engines, and visible on top pages of Search results.

The real reason why you decided to have a website is for potential clients and customers to see and know you, right? So why is your website not yet optimized for search engines? You’re missing a lot of opportunities every moment you haven’t begun investing in SEO.

Get affordable and reliable SEO in the Philippines NOW and let the Filipinos know your existence—always remember: YOU must be seen ONLINE!