SEO is an investment worth the money

| Search Engine Optimization

How do you define investment?  A novice one would say buying a dream property such as house, car, or jewelry.  But, for an experienced business owner, SEO is an investment worth the money.

Search Engine Optimization is not uncommon for entrepreneurs who are eagle-eyed on making their company the ultimate business to beat.  What is special about SEO is who does the strategies and campaigns for whom, how a consultant does the thing, and what results are achieved.

iConcept compares SEO to a hundred items.

For one, SEO is like an education.

SEO is an education

Sure, you remember what your mom or your dad kept on telling you about your education.  It is the only thing they can leave you; the only treasure that cannot be stolen by anyone.  That cliché still holds true…in business.  How?  Let us say education is the reason why you are where you are right now.  You wouldn’t know what you know right now if not for your education.

Okay we get your point.  Your teacher did not teach you about how to manage your business’s finance matters.  But let’s give to John what is due to John.  What your teacher taught you in grade school up to college are actually foundation for learning more complicated theories.  In other words, it is an INVESTMENT.  The meager spare from your allowance is just an icing on the cake.

But with SEO you’ll get more than just an icing.  Coupled with effective strategies employed by a knowledgeable and reliable team, your business is sure to get a lion’s share of the sweetest cake offered in a tough place called marketplace.

SEO is a food

Was there an instance when you considered the food you are eating – no matter how pricey – as a waste of money?  Probably, NONE.  It is because food is what keeps you alive…what keeps you inspired to work harder…and it is what keeps you growing.

SEO provides food for your business.  It is what keeps you alive…what keeps you inspired to work harder…and it is what keeps you growing.  Well, SEO is probably your business’s 24-hour food supply that is capable of providing “instant,” “slowly-cooked but sure result,” and “fine” foods.

SEO is a book

Wait.  Don’t get us wrong.  We have heard of the news that a major encyclopedia company will stop publishing these hard-bound books some time soon.  So, relax.  Although a bit sad for this seemingly event-to-be-written-in-history scenario for the book industry, we are positive that the wide collection of knowledge will still be made available to the future generation…in a new format.

With the expanding list of business’s advantages obtained from the Internet, we believe SEO is like a book (only it is in electronic format).  When you’re easily found by your market when they need you, you get a credibility and prestige similar to a published author.

SEO is a clothe

Lastly (for now), we compare SEO to a well-ironed garment.  Pieces of clothe can make a person look a notch higher than his usual aura.  An old adage says something like…dress not what you are but what you want to be.

We know that every business owner want to wear something tailored fit, a cut above the rest and a dress that can make every eye turn again and again and again.

All these similes can be summed up to one statement.  SEO is an INVESTMENT.  When you want to own something or to attain something, you are willing to spend reasonable amount of money…because that is an INVESTMENT.  With SEO, you get an INVESTMENT to the next level.

At iConcept SEO, we value your investment.