Why are you different from other SEO service providers?

  • First off, we do not engage in an SEO campaign that we feel we can’t succeed, both in terms of improving traffic and lead conversion. There are hundreds of thousands of available business models, industries and products and we know that we can’t have them all. By focusing on clients which we know we can genuinely help, we consume less time, increase our success rate and confidence, get more referrals and eliminate clients bashing us for unsuccesful campaigns.
  • While we have SEO packages that we use as benchmarks, most of our campaigns are highly customised to suit to your unique businesses. We do not focus on deliverable, like 100 bookmarks, 100 blog commenting that no longer work. We focus on result and that’s what we guarantee!
  • ICONCEPT SEO extends its services to providing consultation works to ensure that you achieve more than just what we have targeted.