What if you fail to place the guaranteed keywords on first page after the twelve month period?

  • We promise to continue working for free and give you the same, undiminished monthly deliverable beyond the 12 month period for free, until we hit our targets. It’s only after the targets are hit that we will resume our billing. SEO maintenance after the 12 month period is optional but because your competitors are most likely optimizing their websites, we highly recommend that you let us maintain your SEO activities. However, there are certain factors that are beyond our control, i.e. unintentional mistake on Google’s algorthim updates, on-page malwares that may cause page to be tagged with security notice and cause page ranking to drop, drastic business landscape change, i.e. sudden increase in competing companies as in the case of discount sites, where over a period of 12months, a lot of new well funded companies ventured and optimized sites. If these factors are seen, we will make sure to notify the client within the first four to six months after the campaign is started, so we can agree to change the campaign strategy early on.