Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Our SEO Service

  • First off, we do not engage in an SEO campaign that we feel we can’t succeed, both in terms of improving traffic and lead conversion. There are hundreds of thousands of available business models, industries and products and we know that we can’t have them all. By focusing on clients which we know we can genuinely help, we consume less time, increase our success rate and confidence, get more referrals and eliminate clients bashing us for unsuccesful campaigns.
  • While we have SEO packages that we use as benchmarks, most of our campaigns are highly customised to suit to your unique businesses. We do not focus on deliverable, like 100 bookmarks, 100 blog commenting that no longer work. We focus on result and that’s what we guarantee!
  • ICONCEPT SEO extends its services to providing consultation works to ensure that you achieve more than just what we have targeted.
  • You will begin to see results within four to six weeks after a campaign is started. Ranking will gather speed as on and off-page changes settle in in Google index.
  • Depending on what positions your keyword started, keyword and industry competition, you will begin to see some of the keywords landing on first page within two to four months after a campaign is started. First page keyword placement will gather speed after the fourth month and significant number of keywords should already be on the first page within six to eight months, but that again, is depending on industry competition and keyword competitiveness.
  • If you need to undergo a sensitive surgery, you surely don’t wanna be operated on by an unlicensed medical practicitioner or someone who just got out of Med School. The first question to ask your SEO provider is, “Is your own SEO business website ranking well?”

To answer that, you probably seen us when you searched for any of the following keywords: “SEO Philippines”, “SEO companies in the Philippines”, “search engine optimization Philippines”, “top SEO company Philippines”. Note that these are very competitive keywords because of the fact that we are in the SEO industry and our competitors would likely be optimizing their websites too. In a very short span of time from the time our website was launched in 2012, when we decided to have a focused website for SEO separate from main website,, , we continue to dominate top search engine results pages in Google. Well, you might say that it’s all that we have, not until you see our succesful campaigns top #5 position campaigns below!
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Other SEO clients include Jollibee, Unilab, Little Tikes, Camella

  • SEO is not expensive. Fact is, SEO can be considered an investment. Compared to many other marketing mediums like TV, radio, newspaper, pay-per-click (PPC), we can confidently tell you that SEO is the single most effective advertising tool that works for more than 98% of businesses. It has the lowest possible, low risk investment with highest reach – global!
  • SEO can generate leads that will take 10 salesman to do! One of our dental clinic clients gets inquiries 24 hours non-stop from patients locally and abroad without lifting a finger, something that would cost him an arm and a leg to advertise his business worldwide.
  • Other companies would resort to dead end telephone marketing, flyering, billboard, tv and radio advertisements that cost 300% to 1000% higher, yet get poor ROI and lead conversion.
  • Depending on your package, we guarantee certain number of keywords / key phrases. This guarantee means that within the first twelve months of the campaign, we will be able to place your key phrases in the first page of GOOGLE.COM and your local Google site, i.e. GOOGLE.COM.PH. Twelve months is just to be safe because there are industries that are highly competitive, but in most of our campaigns, specially low to medium competition, we would reach the targets in within the first four to six months.
  • We promise to continue working for free and give you the same, undiminished monthly deliverable beyond the 12 month period for free, until we hit our targets. It’s only after the targets are hit that we will resume our billing. SEO maintenance after the 12 month period is optional but because your competitors are most likely optimizing their websites, we highly recommend that you let us maintain your SEO activities. However, there are certain factors that are beyond our control, i.e. unintentional mistake on Google’s algorthim updates, on-page malwares that may cause page to be tagged with security notice and cause page ranking to drop, drastic business landscape change, i.e. sudden increase in competing companies as in the case of discount sites, where over a period of 12months, a lot of new well funded companies ventured and optimized sites. If these factors are seen, we will make sure to notify the client within the first four to six months after the campaign is started, so we can agree to change the campaign strategy early on.
  • Like in many other “Below The Line” advertisement models, service providers and clients take a certain level of “mutual business risks”. Our employees work hard during the duration of a campaign, however as mentioned in the above FAQ item, there can be factors beyond our control that we need our clients to understand and accept.
  • In the same manner that we want your business to succeed and become profitable, you surely want us to succeed and be profitable, too. We cannot refund monies that you already paid because our employees need to eat too. But then again, we promise to continue working for free and give you the same monthly deliverable beyond the 12 month period for free, until we hit our targets.
  • The objective of any search engine is to present quality pages relevant to the searched keywords / key phrases. When a website is optimized using best practices and without unethical / black hat strategies, it should be applicable to most major search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing. At ICONCEPT-SEO, you’re assured of getting ethical SEO techniques applied on your website. Because of Google’s big market share and relatively more advanced algorithm that are likely to be emulated by other search engines, we prioritize optimizing pages based on Google’s guidelines.
  • While a lot of SEO packages offered by fly-by-night firms are focused on social bookmarking, blog commenting, directory submission and other useless link building strategies, ICONCEPT SEO team decided to focus on what Google says will be Panda and Penguin proof – Quality Contents! That’s why we emphasize the creation of quality articles, news, product reviews, FAQs, How-Tos, Knowledgebase in our packages. But then we agree that PageRank will stay. The good thing is that as opposed to a bunch of so called “SEO firms” who focus on low quality, harmful links, we focus on manually creating articles, advertorials, announcements, press release from high authority, high PR domains that we manage. It is on these high PR pages where we create legitimate links with appropriate and keyword relevant anchor text that will never be banned by any future Panda or Penguin update.
  • While many so called “SEO firms” are operated by group of friends operating in the bed room, ICONCEPT SEO is operated by ICONCEPT Global Advertising, Inc., a registered corporation with more than 55 employees. Please visit for more information about our company. We have two offices in the Philippines with a total of more than 700 square meters in floor area and both are located in major business districts of Quezon City and Malolos City.
  • If your package includes on-page SEO, we require ftp or web host control panel access to make it easier for us to modify web pages, codes, .xml sitemap among other things. This saves us time which translates to cost savings. On a case to case basis though, this can be arranged.
  • The good thing about dealing with a legitimate and experienced company is that there’s an established business process to ensure that your needs are well taken care off. This includes your website security, confidential information, and login credentials. We have a centralized project management board where we collate information privately and we follow strict security protocols.
  • We have a huge pool of full time, in-house content writers, campaign strategists, researchers, data entry staff, web developers, graphic designers and project managers all working in the office during business hours and are supervised by their managers and team leaders and HR department. We have training and leadership programs in place and we run quality assurance and audit process.
  • We’re a complete online digital service provider. Aside from SEO, we can also help you optimize your social media presence, redesign your website, remove malware, migrate hosting to our secured and reliable cloud hosting brand, configure and upgrade your CMS.