SEO consultant’s battle: How to be Rank 1?

| Search Engine Optimization

In any aspect of life, almost everybody wants to attain the first spot.  The highest possible recognition.  The same holds true in search engine optimization where your SEO consultant must win the battle for supremacy.

Experts say only search engines know the true bases for ranking a website.  There are elements though believed to have gained favorable response from various search engines?


An SEO consultant’s task is to research for keywords used by your competition and try to use those in the current project – and that is improving your website’s ranking.  After collating relevant keywords, he/she will use them in writing the contents throughout the website.


These are tools that will help improve your website’s ranking.  The title tag, the keyword tag and the description tag are equally important in their own right making it all the more necessary for an SEO consultant to pay attention in each aspect.  The basis is to make each tag beneficial (searchable) for both people and search engines.

Browser and platform compatibility

These two technologies are also believed to affect the ranking of a website.  The rationale could be: more people mean more ways of accessing a website therefore the owner and the developer must make it a point that the website is concurrently compatible with any browser and any handheld device.

It is also worth mentioning that a website should have a good usability.  That is why it’s good to have the service of a team specializing in both vital aspects: website development and SEO.  At iConcept Global, you have a team to cater everything online.

Information Dissemination

Text contents in website should be accompanied by images, videos and blogs to enable better distribution of relevant information.  Also, these may be tools to connect more effectively to the readers/ visitors with varying needs and interests.


A website should possess what a newspaper has:  valid, assorted and useful content.  Updating of quality content on your website is a must.  This not only shows your website is “alive.”  It’s a way of telling your visitors you are ready to provide value-added content hoping to make their lives and business easier and healthier.

Social Linkage

Nowadays, social media has been playing a mammoth role in various industries.  In news reporting, opinion gathering and now, in business development, social networking sites are the revolutionary tools that set an equal playing field for all individuals.  However, a business owner should know how to use in its full potentials the resources made available by technological developments.  Setting up your presence in such sites can help you go to the site visitors’ heart and mind.