SEO Checklist for 2018

| On Page Optimization

Optimizing a website may seem easy to someone who hears what the general process entails but in practice, SEO campaigns take a lot of time and effort and you need to have plenty of patience and a good amount of understanding to deploy a strategy correctly.

  1. Accessible pages that have great content and can be easily crawled and analyzed.

We want Googlebot’s spider to crawl our pages and have them indexed. To achieve this, the pages’ content must have relevant text to help the bots to understand images, videos, or anything else on the page that should or could be indexed.

  1. Keyword Research

Knowing what the searchers are typing on the search bar will help you and your website be the answer to their search queries. How do you do that? Through your website’s content!

Start with finding your primary keyword, secondary intent keywords, and related terms.  The primary and secondary should be same so that you can deliver the same content.  To find a perfect keyword for your website, the Specialist should know what your business offers very well.

  1. Investigate search results relevant to the keywords

Perform a search query on Google and investigate the SERP. From the results given by Google, list down all the title or metas listed and figure out what Google recommends will yield your desired results.

  1. Create unique and relevant content

Our goal is to be seen using your targeted keywords and any other related terms. We need to create a great content that provides answers for searchers who have queries on relative to your industry.

  1. Convincing title and meta description

Title and meta description are still as important as ever. Not only do they enrich a keyword crawl, having well composed titles & descriptions is a good opportunity to convince visitors that the answers to their queries are found on your website.

  1. Smart Employ of keywords

As discussed previously, Google will crawl the website and see if your content is perfect for the searches queries. You need to prove to the bots that you’re offering the right answer by inserting your keywords and related terms on the content; through pictures, videos and other embeddable format can’t be crawled on their own so you must add descriptive content for them.

  1. Use rich snippets and schema markup

Using schema markup on your snippets can take advantages on your potential visitors. This can add information that can attract.

  1. Optimize the page load and website structure

Making your website user-friendly will be a good edge from your competitor. Have a good website design that is also responsive on devices and keep your audience in the website with quick loading times. Additionally, upping your website’s security (HTTPS) is very important; since 2016, Google has taken it into account and will certainly continue to in the following years.