9 Tips to Improve your Search Network Text Ads

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An approved running ad in a search engine such as Google is not effective if the text ads are not getting the right amount of impressions and clicks you expect your campaign to gain. The idea of running a PPC search network text ads campaign is to be featured on the first page of the search results thus resulting to increased awareness and inquiries a day. However, if this is not your outcome then you are in badly need of improvements.

But before we improve your text ad, let us first define what it is.

“Text ads on the Search Network show above and below Google search results. A text ad on Google search is the simplest online ad that AdWords offers. It has three parts: headline text, a display URL, and description text.” – Google Support (Adwords)

Sample image of a simple Search Network Text Ad:

However, do these text ads satisfying enough to be clicked?

An enticing headline and informative description may not be as competitive as compared to other text ads so here are improvements you could add to your campaign to further improve its click rate.

Showcase featured services

A good way to showcase your featured services is through adding a callout extension. Callout extensions are additional information of your business, products, and services. It could be as specific as showcasing your free service like “free gift wrapping”, “free shipping”. Or your nonstop support like “24/7 phone support”.

Sample callout extension in a text ad:

More links to click

To further give users options to see what you offer, adding sitelink extensions to your text ads will direct them to specific pages of your site. Sitelink extensions are additional links to your ad. Added links could either be with or without description and could be placed in the same line or fill up to two lines of an ad.

Note: Maximum sitelinks shown: 6 links (desktop view), 8 links (mobile view)

*The links inside the red box of Google Adwords is a sample of sitelink extensions with description while the links inside the red box of Bing Search Advertising is a sample of sitelink extensions without description.

Add your location

Give the customers your specific location and add in a location extension. Once your location was verified in the Google My Business listing then you are qualified to integrate your location in the text ad.

Good thing about integrating your Google My Business listing is you can provide other information needed by the customer once the location extension was clicked.

Sample location extension in a text ad:

A way to reach you directly

If you wanted customers to directly contact you, addition of either a call or message extension is your best solution.

Eligible contact numbers are shared cost phone numbers and non-standard cost numbers. Shared cost phone numbers are international phone calls partially paid by the recipient. Non-standard cost number include additional charges to your customer.

Call extension could be shown in two ways. If the device being used could make calls a clickable call button will be shown while on most desktop viewing, the phone number was shown inline with the text ad.

Sample call extension in a text ad:

While message extensions are only shown on mobile viewing which have access to sending and receiving text messages. Once the message button was clicked, the user will be directed to their messaging app and fill the recipient box with your number and the templated message will be added in the message box.

Sample message extension in a text ad:

Show specific aspect of your product and service in groups

Let users get to know more of about your business by adding in a header that gives a preview of your products and services. This header is called the structure snippet extension which enables you to present your business to users on the go.

To further see the list of available headers be sure to visit about structured snippet extensions in the Google Adwords Support.

Sample Structured Snippet extension in a text ad:

Include retail chains who sells your product

If you happen to be a manufacturer who sells their products in retail chains, then adding in affiliate location extensions will enable your customers to buy your products on available retail stores near them.

However, this feature is only limited to retail chains and auto dealers located in selected countries so be sure to check that first.

Note: Do not confuse affiliate location extensions to location extension as they are different. To put it simply, location extension is your business address while affiliate locations are the address of retail chains you sell your products to.

Sample Affiliate location extension in a text ad:

Feature your products or services with their selling prices

This feature is like the sitelink extension with description however with more information. A price extension enables you to show the products or services you offer with their corresponding prices which when clicked directs user to the product/ service itself.

To know more about the available languages and currencies, see About price extensions under before you begin.

Sample Price extension in a text ad:

Have an App? Link it to your ad

Adding your mobile or tablet app in your text ad enables you to advertise both your website as well as your app in a single ad. Once the app extension was clicked, the user will be directed to the app’s description in the app store (Google play or Apple app store).

Sample App extension in a text ad:

Highlight your sales and promotions

What better way to catch a customers’ attention than an appealing sale or promotion. If you happen to be running a sale or promotion, be sure to feature it in your text ad called the promotion extensions.

One good note, be sure to run promotions on holidays or special occasions such as “back-to-school” or “Mother’s Day”. Good thing about promotion extensions are they are labeled in bold which makes them an eye catch.

When a promotion extension was clicked, the user will be directed to the page of the attached promotions page.

Sample Promotion extension in a text ad:

Additional Notes

Where can you add these extensions?

All these extensions can be added in the account, campaign, and adgroup level of the campaign. The hierarchy of the added extensions will be shown thru added extensions in the adgroup level will override the extensions in the campaign level, the added extensions in the campaign level will override the extensions in the account level. To put it simply:

Are the integrated extensions expensive? How much does it cost?

Added extensions are free of charge. However, pricing is same with the price of the headline text ad and will only be charged once clicked.

Will it cost more if two links were quickly clicked on your text ad?

No, this is what you call as a second click, which are considered as illegitimate by Google, and won’t get you charged.

These improvements will surely guarantee you of increased clicks and inquiries which makes your Google adwords marketing strategy a success.

Still having trouble on how to apply the following, be sure to give us a tap and will be happy to assist you with your PPC search network text ads campaign. Best!