Quick Tips in SEO for 2020

| Search Engine Optimization

2020 is here, and with the new year comes new opportunities to rank your website in Google. But how do you do that? Hiring SEO services in the Philippines is one way, but if you’re into DIY style, below are some proven tips both old and new that will get your website maximum results in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

  • Look into technical SEO. Your site speed, security, mobile responsiveness and other technical aspects dictate whether you’ll rank in the SERPs or not. Pay more attention to this in 2019.
  • Focus on on-page optimization. Ensure individual webpages provide relevant results and content that answers common questions. Make your website easy to navigate and provide customer support and fulfillment.
  • Think of mobile-first. Optimizing for mobile is now more important than ever with Google’s mobile-first index rollout. When it comes to desktop and mobile version of your website, bots will index the mobile first upon deciding how to rank it, thus the name.
  • Content is still king. Google rewards websites that provide the best in-dept experiences, and SEO services provider in the Philippines know this by heart. Before writing that content, understand your audience first and think about user intent.
  • Produce videos, and lots of it. According to Cisco, video will make 80% of online traffic by 2021. HubSpot also states that 43% of consumers want to see video all the time so imagine the traffic videos can make for your website.
  • Improve your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthyness (E-A-T). Work on building your authority by being an industry leader. Be the go-to source for the industry and target journalists with relevant topics. Let your brand show it is the leader with well-written and quality content.
  • Optimize for featured snippets aka “position zero.” This year, these paragraph excerpts will make the big difference to your organic traffic. The first step is to find keywords that have a featured snippet.
  • Adopt machine-learning into your process. RankBrain, Google’s machine-learning AI, plays a role in the search engine’s algorithm. Your website design, choice of keywords and content can get you inside RankBrain.
  • Optimize for voice search. Use of voice search will be different in every country, region, social class and the likes which will be a game changer for multilingual and multinational websites according to experts.
  • Go beyond Google. People are also in other engines like Amazon, Apple, and Youtube. In 2019, you must learn to drive traffics and engagement from non-Google platforms.
  • Hire SEO services in the Philippines. They are expert in doing what you want: ranking in Google. They’ve got the right tools and knowledge to get your website ranked so in 2019, it’s best you place your trust in them.

Are you ready for another year of SEO gaming for your website? Consider these tips in your strategy this year and notice a change in SERPs soon.