Pinterest: An addition to SEO consultant’s artillery

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Have you heard of Pinterest?  Have you tried browsing on its pages?  If your answer to both questions is YES that’s very good of you.  If otherwise, (uh-oh) you may be missing another door to client-friendly marketing venue.

History from Palo Alto, CA

According to Wikipedia, founder Ben Silbermann started the development of Pinterest in latter part of 2009.  After three months, it was launched and had 10,000 users ‘pinned’ in nine months time.

Cold Brew Labs, team from Palo Alto (sounds familiar?), manages Pinterest. The new social medium is focused on its goal to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.”  Pinterest works as a photo-sharing website patterned like a pin board.

Although some say this new innovation is a bit ‘girly,’ experts say this can be a very good addition to an SEO consultant’s marketing ammunition.

The website’s theme that is said to be more appealing to women can be considered its greatest asset.  Generally, women are known for their meticulous behavior.  Catch their attention through stunning and emotionally-engaging photos and they will do the rest of the sharing.  Now that’s marketing already!

Better than other known websites?

Last January, users of Pinterest was recorded at 10 million plus and counting.  This 2011 Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites awardee is a battlefield of creativity, ingenuity, and wittiness.

According to Shareaholic, self-proclaimed leader in content sharing, Pinterest (3.6%) drives more total referral traffic than YouTube (1.05%), Google Plus (0.22%), LinkedIn (0.20%), and MySpace (0.01%).

Based on the same data presented by Shareaholic, Facebook still tops the list of referral traffic report last January 2012.

Prominent marketing

Since Pinterest is relatively new, business owners have not yet explored the potential of the website.  However, there are few big companies who have started making the most out of Pinterest.

Here are three campaigns pinned at Pinterest:

  1. Procter & Gamble’s “Thank you Mum”
  2. Kotex’s “Women’s Inspiration Day”
  3. Guess’s “Color Me Inspired”

Yes they are all catering to women, but as the cliché goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Pinterest won’t be listed as one of Top 10 social networking services by Hitwise if it is not a boon.

Automatic ownership?

If we are going to base things on the previous Terms of Service, Pinterest implies that anything posted on the website automatically becomes their property thus, enabling them to sell any intellectual property.

In March 2012, the TOS was updated by Pinterest ending its claim to ownership on shared user properties.  This shall take effect in April of the same year.