Manage Unlimited Location with Google My Business

| Google My Business

After recent updates, agencies can now manage unlimited locations on Google My Business(GMB). Google finally rolled out an Agency Dashboard. This dashboard can manage thousands Google listings which is great news for businesses that are branching out to multiple locations.

Used to be, a single GMB account was limited to being able to manage 100 locations maximum. After the upgrade, agencies can now manage an unlimited amount of locations.

Google My Business Agency dashboard should look like this:

The GMB Agency has the follow key features:

  • Manage thousands location. Registered agencies can add and manage unlimited locations in one account.
  • Receive and send invitations. Receiving and sending of invitations is made easier in this new dashboard. Status of your request can also be viewed on this dashboard.
  • Locations groups. All locations of an organization can be grouped together for easier and more organized viewing.
  • User Groups. Agencies can add teams to manage and control a location group.

To create a Google My Business Agency, register here.