How to find the perfect SEO partner

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It needs not cost you a fortune to get optimized

When searching for an SEO consultant, customers would first consider the quality of service that a company offers.  Then they would compare quotes from various SEO companies and the best provider wins.  Too often, pricing is the main basis.  But, how much does it really cost to get optimized?

iConcept SEO made an informal study of packages offered by SEO companies.  Most offer packages in the form of Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Does pricing really matter?  Of course, no company would want to allocate a certain portion of their marketing funds on something that could not bear favorable results.

iConcept SEO knows that there is a specific SEO package for every company.  The cost greatly depends on what needs to be fixed, how it will be fixed and the wanted results.

What does a reputable SEO consultant provide?  First from our list is an analysis of the business’s performance as far as search-ability is concerned.  Other factors such as potential customer’s behavior, competitors’ marketing advantage, and even useful website contents are also determined.  More so, a responsible SEO consultant ought to help you identify areas of profitability and approaches to convert visitors into customers.

It has been said many times, in many ways:  SEO is not done overnight.

Another simile that iConcept would like to make is that SEO is like a tree.  Fruits are the most noticeable parts but beneath the tree are interconnected roots supplying essential nutrients.  Improved ranking and increased sales are results of step-by-step process of SEO.

Just when you thought website development and search engine optimization are two extremely different areas, you’re right and wrong.  You are right. They may be different but are related from one another.  A functional and aesthetic website made from a web development company’s expertise in coding and designing is an important component of SEO.

At iConcept Global Advertising Inc., we marry web development with SEO giving birth to optimized visitor and search engine-friendly websites.

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