Hitting two birds with one stone in link building strategies

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Business will always be business. But, a business owner is capable of doing more than just making his/her businesses thrive.  This is called corporate social responsibility and luckily, it can be integrated in a businessman’s briefcase.

When trying to achieve something, try to link it on a bigger cause.  Let’s take link building as an example.  While link building is one of the responsibilities of your SEO provider, you as a business owner have the power to hit two birds with one stone.

Submission of online press releases, content marketing, and blog commenting – these are all traditional link building strategies.  Most often than not, the owner is the sole beneficiary of such activity.  Should that always be the case?

Jeffrey Hollender said it best:  “I think today, more so than ever, corporate responsibility is the best [strategy] as well as financial path that most businesses can follow.  For most businesses there are compelling statistics that validate that responsible businesses do better according to traditional financial metrics.”

Responsible being the big word is a “conundrum,” as he termed it.  For iConcept SEO, a business is responsible if it gets to share its resources to deserving people.

An advocacy

Mother company iConcept Global Advertising Inc. has been conducting and sponsoring series of university seminars in Bulacan and Pampanga.  Aimed at upgrading technical and working knowledge of Information Technology students, this simple activity turned out to be the start of an advocacy.

The company is now in the process of setting up a website to spread the word.

“We are supporting an ambitious goal in this endeavor.  Although, we can’t disclose much information as of the moment, we would like to express our excitement in finally having an intellectual tambayan for all IT students and the rest of the Academe,” said Jose Cris Sotto, operations officer.

Provide DIY contents

People go online to find something they need, sometimes, something they just want.  Whatever the case maybe, providing do-it-yourself or how-to articles and videos can work for both of you.

Sotto, who has been trained in a leading daily newspaper and a television network, noted that as a site owner, “quality content should be the top priority.”

“Link building is similar to finding your perfect one-stop shop where you can get almost anything you could wish for.  When you have such kind of place, you are willing to share it to the world,” he said.

See?  Link building is not solely about how to drive traffic to your site or how to set a brand image.  So, next time you do some link building, tell your SEO providers to employ a two-way gain on his strategy.