Reaping Success in Google My Business Listing for your Local Business

| Local SEO

Marketing your local business could be done in many ways but securing an effective listing should be your priority and that is where Google My Business (GMB) listing comes to play.

Advantages of Claiming and Verifying your local Business in GMB

  • Be seen locally

As statistics show, about half of the user doing a local search would definitely visit the suggested store found that same day.

  • Pool of competition is smaller

The website doesn’t need to be found by everyone; focus on being seen by the people in your community which also actually means there’s smaller competition. Having this edge over them will guarantee you to be found first.

  • Appear to other Google Products

Widen your reach and be seen on the following:

  • Google Plus
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Plus, it’s free

Take advantage of this free tool and manage how you want your business listing to appear across Google products.

Optimizing the Local Business for a GMB Listing

Since your persistence lead you to this, continue the promotion and invest in a website now. Once that’s done, continue optimizing and follow this checklists:

  1. Check and confirm basic information

Providing necessary information is a must so prepare that beforehand.

Basic information are as follows:

  • Business Name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Hours
  • Phone
  • URLs
  • Attributes

Be sure to avoid typos. Errors in input may affect eligibility of your listing and prolong the verification time. To further familiarize yourself with the guidelines, read it here.

  1. Addition of descriptive and informative content

There is no better way to introduce your business than an enticing introduction that provides searchers the answers they’re looking for. Be sure to hint a few keywords naturally.

An effective introductory should be written in this format:

  • Proper usage of sub headers
  • Points should be bulleted
  • Short and information filled paragraphs
  1. Uploading of relevant photos/ videos

Back up your content with relevant photos or videos.

Photographs could be as follows:

  • Owner/s’ photos
  • Employee/s’ photos
  • Business photos (facility, services, products)
  • Action shot (onsite action photos)

Make the photos speak for themselves. Show your service modestly and it will reflect the kind of business you’re into.

Good note: adding a 360-degree view/ virtual tour of the business should properly display the business to users.

On a recent GMB update, uploading 30-second videos to a GMB listing is now possible.

  1. Ask and Respond to Reviews

Establish your brand with positive reviews. Encourage users to share their experience and give you a fair rating. In this way, future customers will feel comfortable doing business with you.

In return, responding to reviews whether good or bad should be prioritized more since the bad reviews may affect your credibility so be sure to handle reviews with caution.

  1. Commit and stay active

Further flourish your listing by staying active on your Google+ page. Keeping it updated would boost your rank status.

What to post?

  • Onsite recent photos (business events)
  • Sale announcements
  • FAQ concerns
  • Relevant industry related news

Page posts could be done once a week. Though Google+ page performance hugely differs from what a Facebook page delivers, it is still good practice as it sends positive signal to Google.

Instead of competing with national and international brands, focus on your location and reap a hefty amount of leads by optimizing your local business using Google My Business Listing now!