Google Adwords: Why you should be Optimizing your Video Ads in YouTube

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If you’re a struggling business who relies on traditional marketing in promoting your business, then this write-up is specially created for you. Spending thousands on trade shows and print ads does not equate to getting a customer. It may, but such is not always the case.

This type of advertising alone is not enough to reap a hefty number of customers, so let’s explore another way to advertise. If you’re a young marketer, you might have stumbled into this but didn’t pay attention or you’re a traditional kind of marketer, so let us begin.

Going digital means going where your customers usually are nowadays, and if there’s one platform you should be taking a look at, you should be looking at video ads on YouTube.

Did you know, YouTube now boasts a number of 1 billion users currently signed on? Imagine a portion of that going to your website on a daily basis would result to increase in inquiries with a higher chance of turning into sales.

Through a survey conducted by Wyzowl, a creative video agency, from the 570 marketing professionals they’ve asked on December 2017, the survey showed that YouTube videos is the best platform to advertise your videos. On second is the ever talked about social media platform, Facebook.

It goes to show that if you want to gain customers thru videos ads, there’s no better place to advertise your ads where videos are usually being uploaded every minute.

To further explore this market, let us define what video ads really are.

Video ads are video advertising being played before, during or after a video stream. This type of ads enables you to only show your ads on a specific group of people funneled down to their interests, age, gender, location, and more.

Here are available video ad formats you should be looking at:

Skippable Video Ad Formats

This type of ad allows users to skip the ad after 5 seconds which will be played either before, during or after a YouTube video is played.

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How will you be charged?

Skippable video ads are charged based on Cost Per View or CPV. When a viewer watches your 30-second video, or stayed within the duration of your video, then it is considered as cost; or when a user initiated an interaction thru clicking a link in your video, whichever comes first.

Non-skippable Video Ad Formats

Unlike skippable ads, this video format requires users to watch the entire ad before it plays the video to be viewed. This video ad can also be viewed before, during or after the main video. The ad plays for 15 or 30 seconds max but still varies on the regional standards which could only be run on long form videos, usually 10 minutes or longer.

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How will you be charged?

As this is not based on CPV, reservation buying is the process of securing your slot. As this is pre-booked, costing will vary on availability slots in a region, location targeting, and competition. Further understand reservation campaigns here.

Another way to advertise your videos is to show the videos alongside other videos which could show up on the search results page, or on related videos.

Search Results Pages

This format enables you to show your video ad in the YouTube’s search results page.

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How will you be charged?

Costing of this ad is same as a click from a search text ad, with slight difference. Instead of being directed to a site you’ll be directed to the video ad. You’ll be charged when the shown ad is clicked and watched by viewers.

Related Video Page Ads

This type of ad enables you to show only the ad to users already looking in the same content. Good thing about this, your video ads will be shown alongside related videos located in the right-hand sidebar.

While the unsuspecting user is just casually browsing, you as a marketer is able to increase awareness of your brand by helping them in return.

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How will you be charged?

You’ll be charged the same way a search results page video ad is paid thru a click and watch of your video ad.

Here are just some of the video ad formats you could use to advertise your products or services. If you are up to the challenge here’s a way you could create a video for your campaign thru YouTube or Let us help you create a video ad together that would entice users to convert and run your video ads in YouTube efficiently and effectively.