Dr. Jose Rizal: A certified SEO specialist

This month, the nation celebrates the birth date of a national hero.  Born to an affluent family in Calamba Laguna, he has championed the hearts of Filipinos through his nationalistic spirit, something that is manifested in his written works and gentlemanly gestures.

Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or simply Jose Rizal is one of the foremost Filipino patriots and is named as one of the national heroes of the Philippines by the National Heroes Committee.

If Dr. Jose Rizal were still alive, iConcept SEO believes he would have become a Great Search Engine Optimization Specialist.

A great researcher and writer

Dr. Rizal knew every abuse made by foreign oppressors.  He is an expert in analyzing the real motive behind the tyrants’ gestures.  Surely, various search engines particularly Google would love to read his write-ups.

If relevance to its readers would be one of the main criteria, Dr. Rizal has received a very good ranking from Google.  Some proofs of his writing prowess are “Noli Me Tangere” (An Eagle Flight or The Social Cancer) and “El Filibusterismo” (The Filibustering or The Reign of Greed).  These two novels are so relevant that up to this date, they are being studied by students across the globe.

Let us try to review the lessons of these classic pieces.  On one hand, Noli Me Tangere, a 63-chapter novel, creatively and intellectually narrates the cruelty of Spanish friars to Filipinos who are then called “Indios.”  The novel also tells us of the struggled love affair of Juan Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara.  On the other hand, El Filibusterismo is a story of Crisostomo Ibarra’s return as “Simoun” to seek revenge against the system implemented during the Spanish regime.  This time he gets the support of the masses to incite revolution against Spaniards.

A great recommendation giver

Hundreds of documentaries have provided facts about the excellence he had showcased in various fields of expertise.  He has been described as an ophthalmologist, sculptor, painter, ethnologist, anthropologist, economist, and a writer.  He also held various degrees of expertise in anthropology, dramatics, martial arts, architecture, sociology, fencing, and cartography.  Because of his multi intelligence, Rizal had furnished his organizations and fellow Filipinos with intelligent decisions.

Providing recommendations is one of the most important traits of a reliable SEO specialist.  One great example would be Dr. Rizal.  An extensive knowledge similar to what he is extremely important in order to assess the given situation and in the field of SEO, later on, provide recommendations to clients.


Dr. Rizal is also a polyglot, someone who can speak more than 6 languages.  In his case, Dr. Rizal can speak twenty-two languages including Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch and Japanese.  With Google’s ever updating system, an SEO company will need someone like Dr. Rizal.

At iConcept SEO, we relive the excellence showcased by this rare gentleman.  Our commitment to providing quality service to business owners is the reason why we work every day and update our skills.  We also strive to enliven the nationalistic spirit of businesses in the country by offering affordable SEO Philippines.