Dr. Jose Rizal: A certified SEO specialist

This month, the nation celebrates the birth date of a national hero.  Born to an affluent family in Calamba Laguna, he has championed the hearts of Filipinos through his nationalistic spirit, something that is manifested in his written works and gentlemanly gestures. Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or simply Jose Rizal is one […]

SEO Checklist for 2018

Optimizing a website may seem easy to someone who hears what the general process entails but in practice, SEO campaigns take a lot of time and effort and you need to have plenty of patience and a good amount of understanding to deploy a strategy correctly. Accessible pages that have great content and can be easily crawled […]

Why We Love SEO in the Philippines (And You Should, Too!)

The internet is now the digital version of a marketplace, wherein websites on page one of search results are like physical stores in the most accessible and convenient place in the market. Being in this accessible place means people can easily see you, know you, buy from you and even refer you! It is great […]

The First Step on Your Site Audit: Have it Indexed

You created a website for your business to make it visible to your customer online, yet it is not available on Google or Bing when you type your company name or even pasting the URL on the search bar. The short of the matter is, yes, your website has a problem. It’s possible that your […]

The Secret to a Successful SEO in the Mobile First Index Era

Few days ago, many webmasters have received a notification from Google about their newest algorithm, the Mobile First Index. To be exact, the roll out came had happened a few months earlier but it is only this week that Google started sending e-mails to inform website owners that they will now be using the contents […]