SEO consultant’s battle: How to be Rank 1?

In any aspect of life, almost everybody wants to attain the first spot.  The highest possible recognition.  The same holds true in search engine optimization where your SEO consultant must win the battle for supremacy. Experts say only search engines know the true bases for ranking a website.  There are elements though believed to have gained favorable […]

How to find the perfect SEO partner

It needs not cost you a fortune to get optimized When searching for an SEO consultant, customers would first consider the quality of service that a company offers.  Then they would compare quotes from various SEO companies and the best provider wins.  Too often, pricing is the main basis.  But, how much does it really cost […]

SEO is an investment worth the money

How do you define investment?  A novice one would say buying a dream property such as house, car, or jewelry.  But, for an experienced business owner, SEO is an investment worth the money. Search Engine Optimization is not uncommon for entrepreneurs who are eagle-eyed on making their company the ultimate business to beat.  What is […]

Google to penalize overly SEO-ed websites

Contrary to what Google Engineer Matt Cutts said in 2009, websites proven of using over search engine optimization techniques will now be penalized. Overuse of SEO pertains to excessive use of keywords and maze-like hyperlinks. The announcement was made early March in a panel discussion at South-by-South West in Austin. Cutts, also head of Google […]

SEOpolitics: a new way of electioneering

SEOpolitics [pronounced see-o-politics] is a term used to describe the role of search engine optimization in winning the votes of the people.  SEO is not new in the Philippines, but only few companies have maximized the potentials of this strategy. During the election season flyers, tarpaulins, and other political accessories fill the streets.  Sadly, simple […]