SEO Checklist for 2018

Optimizing a website may seem easy to someone who hears what the general process entails but in practice, SEO campaigns take a lot of time and effort and you need to have plenty of patience and a good amount of understanding to deploy a strategy correctly. Accessible pages that have great content and can be easily crawled […]

Why Use Nofollow Attribute on your Outgoing Website Links

A website with not much link juice should not be sending them out to places not beneficial to it and much more so if you are already an established website with a good reputation to be taken care of. That is where nofollow attribute could help keep the valuable link juice stay within the site […]

Why Does Google Keeps on Changing Your Title Tag

Have you ever experienced a sudden change of Title in the Google search? Have you asked yourself why did it happen? Maybe frustrations have gotten into you after logging into your website’s backend only to find out that nothing was changed. Imagine having a website that was already ranking 1st page in Google for a […]

Are Domain Changes Prone to Traffic Losses? Well, let’s find out!

Usually, after a domain change, it is expected that there will be loss in traffic and rankings afterwards. Well, whether you deny it or not, this scenario will surely test your composure. Even though you are not sure if it will come back sooner than expected or not, just remember this saying: “There’s always better […]