What’s new on Google Search Result?

Have you seen this new update on Google Search result? Google updated its “People also search for” suggestion on the organic search. To see it, wait for your results to load, right click a result, open it in a new tab, go back to the search results tab. The old design looks like this. Try […]

Google‘s rolling out mobile-first indexing

Google announced on their official blog about rolling out mobile-first indexing. After a year and half of experimentation, Google started to migrating sites that follow best practices for mobile-first indexing. Before, the algorithm for mobile results focused on the relevance of page’s content on the desktop version and not on mobile.  Mobile-first indexing means, crawlers will use the […]

Google’s Image Search is Back!

Since the addition of Google’s “view image” button back in January 2013, massive drops in image traffic was experienced by large enterprises. Majority of the affected sites are those who put in considerably large amount of time and effort to optimize their site for image catalogues, content management system, and XML sitemaps for the search […]

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update & What We Know So Far

Google just completed rolling out its core algorithm update this week, and this has created a buzz as the SEO community noticed a shift in rankings and traffic in the recent days. But what does this update mean, who gets impacted, and more importantly, what should you do about it? Here’s what we know so […]

Google allows iPhone to add Videos in Google Maps

Good news for Local Guides! You can now add videos of your favourite places using your iPhone in Google Maps. How? 1. Take a video (max 30 secs) of the place you want to share. 2. Find that place on Google Maps. 3. Scroll and find the Add photos or videos 4. Select the desired […]