SEO Services in the Philippines

One unique attribute that distinguishes ICONCEPT SEO amongst its competitors in the Philippines is offering guaranteed SEO. While there are a number of good SEO firms in the Philippines, only a handful has the confidence and guts to offer guaranteed SEO. If you want to learn more about how our guaranteed SEO work, please visit SEO FAQs.

ICONCEPT SEO prides to have transparent service. We make sure that the client understand what to expect when dealing with us. To understand our guarantees and commitment, please visit Terms of Service

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing

We offer pure white label services to offshore and local digital agencies alike. With white label service, ICONCEPT SEO do all the leg work for you while you deal with your end customer. We commit not to engage directly with your client even after your contract with us has ended, unless we are granted explicit permission to do so.

ICONCEPT SEO understand that each company adapts set of process unique to them therefore, we adjust our process to adhere to your firms practices. This includes reporting frequency, reporting format, tools, and over all engagement with your end client.

social mdeia optimization

Social Media Optimization

ICONCEPT recognizes that SEO maybe further strengthened by a strong social media presence. Knowing further that even Google has announced that it is using social media signals in Search Engine algorithm to evaluate the reputation of a domain or page.

ICONCEPT SEO helps clients improve their visibility in social media network including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and other social networking sites.


Online Reputation Management

We are of the things that you care most, your online reputation. We will help you to build foundation to your online presence; boost your ranking and fix irrelevant issues. iConcept SEO will aid you to assess, build, track and monitor your digital presence.

content marketing

Content Marketing

It’s a known fact, Content is KING. That’s a unanimous and resounding statement from anybody who practices ethical and white hat SEO. Content is what Search Engines crawls. Search Engines evaluate a keyword or key phrase and attempts to present the most relevant content to the searcher and sort them according to how relevant its algorithm perceives it to be to the key phrase.

Therefore, the quality of contents will place a vital role in determining the ranking of a page. With poor content, there’s no way that your page will get a top ranking on search engine results page. ICONCEPT SEO has a team of trained content writer to ensure that your site is rich in quality and up-to-date articles. These articles are not only search engine baits but also increases your website’s trustworthiness. This also increases the likelihood of other people linking to a useful article in your site, ultimately increasing the number of organic inbound link.

web design and development

Website Design and Development

More than just creating websites that are visually appealing, can be easily found on search and mobile responsive, iConcept SEO assures that work is crafted as per clients’ interest and prides itself that it too can increase traffic, deliver leads and can open endless opportunities.

From personal website, e-commerce, HRIS, Groupon, Virtual Tour to a more complex, complete functionality corporate website; all options laid out for your specific need.


Mobile Apps Development

Digital advertising creates a more mobile generation world today and we bet that you wouldn’t want to be out of this place. iConcept SEO boasts for its dedicated and well-experienced mobile apps developer that are capable of creating Android and iOS applications. We will shape your imagination and bring your ideas to life!

Other Services

Website Hosting

Rest assured that your website will be hosted by Zoom Hosting, the preferred domain and web hosting in the Philippines. Zoom Hosting powers the website of top brands and leading companies across the country. It is backed up with secured and real cloud hosting; assures fast loading time, spam free email and guarantees 100% server uptime.

Website Domain

Domain name will serve as your address so you can be accessible to your customers on the web. iConcept SEO offers affordable top generic level domains such as .com, .ph, .info, .net, .edu, .org and also bulk domain transfer. We made it easier for you to register your desired domain for your business to our domain checker or if you would want to transfer your domain; we will help you get your plans into completion.

Multimedia Creation

We have a team for it; call us straight—One Stop Shop Business Solution! We also offer logo design, business identity design, business collateral design, audiovisual presentation, social media customization for a more synchronized design to your business. Place your confidence in us! Our designers and developers themselves will work on your behalf to ease your load.

Website Maintenance

Save your clients from losing! Keep them by finding a team ready to back you up! iConcept SEO offers a Website Maintenance Packages that suits every website’s need. Maintenance service we provide includes content uploading, image editing, security tweaks, modules development and shopping cart management. The service is guaranteed for a very minimal cost.

Account Restoration

When all else fail, you can count on us. We will clean malwares and restore injected files or website to recreate any damaged file. (However when it needs to be carefully assessed due to damage that is beyond repair, the company has the right to bill a reasonable amount for the restoration.) We will give you the confidence that the restoration process is being combined with the newest web standards that better improves the quality of your website.