SEO consultant’s battle: How to be Rank 1?

In any aspect of life, almost everybody wants to attain the first spot.  The highest possible recognition.  The same holds true in search engine optimization where your SEO consultant must win the battle for supremacy. Experts say only search engines know the true bases for ranking a website.  There are elements though believed to have…
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SEO 101: Terms and Definitions

Whether you are new to or someone who just wants to refresh knowledge of search engine optimization, we have listed SEO terms and their definitions. Affiliate Marketing.  A marketing program where an affiliate is paid by an advertiser for driving in traffic to the website. Keyword/ Keyphrases.  Considered as the most important element of SEO…
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How SEO works

You have probably tried searching for information about restaurant A, or hotel B, theme  park C or an online store D.  Result:  FRUSTRATION.  Why on earth weren’t you able to find the information you’re passionately looking for? The answer:  SEO.  Let’s make it simple.  The role of search engine optimization is to improve a webpage…
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